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Be Your Own Makeup Artist!

Are you sick of wasting money buying makeup that you see everywhere on social media, but when you use it, it doesn't really do anything for you? Take the guesswork out of your makeup, so you can finally look as fabulous as you feel! 

Let me be your personal guide to mastering your makeup! Whether you prefer to engage in these curated makeup sessions in person or online, you can be rest assured that you’ll look (and feel) more beautiful than ever!

 Makeup Lessons

  • Personalized and curated sessions exclusively for you

  • 3*2-hour sessions with a 1-week gap for practice

  • Every thing included in my Simple Beauty Basics class

  • Explore skin undertones and choose complementary colors

  • Receive tailored product recommendations

  • Focus on techniques for enhancing skin complexion (foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer)

  • Get key shopping words and a simple eye makeup technique

  • Deep dive into eye makeup, exploring colors, textures, and shapes

  • Conclude each session with a step-by-step guide and session recordings

  • Encouraged to send photos between sessions for personalized feedback

  • Post-lessons practice and feedback for an entire month

  • 1 video support call for real-time feedback on your makeup application mastery.

  • Concierge Beauty services (additional charges)


  • Duration: 2 hours each

  • Gap between sessions: 1 week for practice

Conclusion of each session:

  • Step-by-step guide provided

  • Session recordings with transcripts for reference

  • Encouragement to send practice photos for feedback between sessions

Beauty Concierge services included:

  • Research and detailed product lists provided for each category based on needs and budgets

  • Lists serve as references for future purchases and product suitability


  • Practice  with pictures emphasized

  • Feedback period: Entire month

  • 1 video support call provided for real-time feedback during makeup application practice

Comprehensive Makeup Lessons

My Comprehensive Makeup Lessons, help you create simple makeup looks that still look like you.where I lead you step-by-step through personalized and curated sessions designed exclusively for you. 



Lesson 1


10 Minute Makeup + Makeup Audit

Do you wish that you could have a makeup routine for your rushed mornings without having to figure what makeup to use?

  • I help you create your 10 minute makeup routine which is as easy as brushing your teeth

  • I will show you a quick 10-minute makeup to ease you into the world of makeup so your  makeup can become a routine like brushing your teeth!

  •  An in-depth makeup and skin care product and tool audit  where we discuss how to recognize expiration dates and understand the longevity of these products.

  • I'll teach you how to maintain clean tools to minimize infection risks.

  • We delve into understanding your skin undertones, so you can  choose colors that compliment you best.

  • Followed by tailored product recommendations aligned with your needs and budget.


Lesson 2

Complexion Intensive

With makeup brands coming out with multiple types of product entering the beauty store can be overwhelming.

Let me show you techniques to enhance your skin complexion in this next session


  • we will cover foundation, concealer, blush & bronzer 

  • I will show you how to choose face products not only for your skin tone, but for your undertone and texture and give key words to look for when you go shopping .


Lesson 3


Signature Look

 The final lesson helps you create looks for special occasions , a date night, party or an event. Here will deep dive into eye makeup, dissecting colors, textures, and shapes that flatter your eyes and another round of practice for the rest of the face. 


 Each session is 2 hours long with a gap of 1 week in between to give you a chance to practice.And  each of these  concludes with a step-by-step guide and session recordings with transcripts for your reference. You are also encouraged to send me photos between sessions to get feedback as you practice.


Post-lessons, practice is key, and I encourage you to share photos for personalized feedback for an entire month. Additionally, 1 video support call allows me to observe and provide real-time feedback as you master the art of your own

makeup application.


Price $1200

travel extra

Simple Beauty Basics

My Simple Beauty Basics class is a great way to dip your toes into the world of makeup. In this  hr. class I will do a makeup audit where we go through your existing makeup and tools and see what works for you and what no longer serves you. And then I go on to teach you a 10 mins simple and effortless everyday makeup look

  • 2 hr. duration

  • Makeup audit: Evaluate existing makeup and tools

  • Identify what works for you and what no longer serves you

  • Recognize expiration dates and understand product longevity

  • Learn to maintain clean tools for minimized infection risks

  • Learn a 10-minute simple and effortless everyday makeup look



Price $350

Other Sessions

Custom classes for Teens  

Empower your teenager with a strong foundation in skincare, makeup application, and the essential art of proper makeup removal. This class is tailored to introduce teens to their skincare and makeup journey with just the right touch.

We begin with a 15-minute consultation, during which I provide personalized product recommendations to ensure they're using the best options for their skin. In our interactive class, I cover every step, starting with the significance of skincare. From there, I guide them through creating a quick everyday look and transforming it into an evening look - all without going overboard.

Give your teen the confidence to navigate their beauty routine with style and grace.

Price $275

Advance Lessons

Waiting Room


Does eye makeup intimidate you? Do instagram makeup reels leave you baffled? Let me guide you on how to break these down and learn how to get the perfect eye looks customized for your unique shape.We can do a deep dive for a smokey eye look, a cut crease, a halo eye or even a winged eyeliner along with colors & textures that flatter you. And of course, how to put on lashes!

On Camera

Whether you’re going live on Instagram, hopping on an important Zoom call, prepping for a family photo session or simply snapping some fire selfies, we all want to face the lens looking our best. But has your well-planned makeup look ever appeared less-than-stellar when it’s all said and done? With this class, you can get a camera-ready face that will have you radiating throughout the night and in pictures to last a lifetime.Learn how to use colors to avoid looking washed out on camera, I will share my expert tips and DOs & DONTs for the perfect camera-ready look!

Advance Lessons are only offered after the completion of the Comprehensive Makeup lesson.

Client Love


I had my makeup lessons with Michelle and absolutely loved them. They were great learning experiences by a top makeup artist in the industry and I learned how to apply makeup to myself for day looks, night looks, how to take day makeup to night. I walked away with tangible notes on how to do it by myself moving forward too. Michelle also did a makeup audit with me and recommended products for me to buy that I was missing. I would highly recommend hiring Michelle for a makeup lesson, event, or photoshoot because she is not only top notch but extremely patient, a great teacher, and fun!               

 Abby Y

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