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Makeup Lessons

Take the guesswork out of makeup, and look as fabulous as you feel! My 1 on 1 makeup lessons empower you to up your beauty game. Whether you are a novice or a proficient, it is easy to drown in all the information, and techniques out there. Let me be your  guide with  personalized lessons tailored for your unique features. These curated makeup sessions can take place in-person or online at your convenience.

Makeup Audit

Were we go through your existing makeup and tools and see what works for you and what no longer serves you. I will teach you how and when to clean your tools, along with this i will teach you a 10 minute look so you can create an effortless everyday look.  

Complexion Intensive

At this point we dive into the techniques that help bring out that flawless complexion and it all starts with skin care. we go into what your skin type is and what your skin needs. We go on to identifying your skin tone(warm, cool or neutral) and how to conceal and correct any imperfections. And of course blush placement for your face shape. I also give you tips and tricks to make every lip color look good and make it last.

Beauty Concierge

The makeup world can be pretty overwhelming with every celebrity coming out with a makeup/skincare line. You will get a beauty BFF session to help you make the most of your beauty budget.I will work with you to figure out what colors and textures work for you

Signature Look

Now we have all the tools to create your signature look for day and night. I will teach you how to build your look with simple techniques to elevate your look for every occasion

In addition you get voxer support along with 2 video call support for when you go solo!

Priced $1,200

Custom Classes for Teens, for video and Eye available 

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